Choosing the right accessory to match the outfit is essential for one to dress right for the occasion. Watches are one essential accessory. There are numerous and various watches available in the market and choosing a watch is definitely not an easy job. Below are six practical tips to help you to choose a watch.

The Tank is a line of watches made by Cartier. It was created by Louis Cartier in 1917, and inspired by the new Renault tanks which Cartier saw in use on the Western Front, and the prototype watch was presented by Cartier to General John Pershing of the American Expeditionary Force. Its lines and proportions are similar to those of tanks found on First World War battlefields; it is both a square and a rectangle, and its straps are concealed under vertical sidepieces so as to be hidden from view. There are now over 30 versions of the watch and is available in such a range of prices. Some of the versions have gold bracelets, platinum cases, and a few that are bedazzled in diamonds. Different designers such as Longines, Citizen, Baume & Mercier, Hugo Boss, and Armitron all carry the Tank watch.

Jewelry watches are excellent presents for women who enjoy functional jewelry. Made like a bracelet, ring, or even a pendant, these are tiny Wooden Watches For Men in silver, gold, or other jewelry metals.shape ups are have such high quality,you can take them easy. They might have precious or semi-precious stones set in them, be enameled, or have filigree or other ornate work.

There are a number of reputed brands in the market offering unique designs, features or quality. Each of these brands has created a niche for itself and each has its own distinctive quality. Hence it is significant to choose the brand which suits one’s personality and would further enhance it. Hence, regardless of the brand, the main aim today of every man is to create the right impression by display a branded watch which would catch the eye of all even in a big crowd. It is rare that a successful man would be seen wearing an ordinary watch. A good watch speaks a lot about a man’s personality and compliments his character.

One October I went to New Hampshire with my boyfriend Justin. We went to a ski mountain that was open during fall for craft fairs and viewing the foliage. There was a 60ft Wooden Watch tower that you could climb up. When I got to the top I had a bird’s eye view. I yelled down to Justin and when he looked up I took his picture. He looked like a tiny bug and he’s a pretty big guy.

Having over a decade in developing outdoor equipment. Suunto outdoor watches are well advanced GPS navigational units, allowing you to be hands free during your time of tracking. Throughout the time of your outdoor excursion the altimeter comes in handy with an accuracy of 30,000 feet. This helps you know your exact location or position on a topographic map in a geographic area.

Not only ICE watch is gaining popularity and fame. There are a few other brands, which are enroute to the top. All in all we think that hipster watches (as we like to call those brilliantly colored, fancy and modern types of wristwatches) are the real deal. You don’t use your conventional, classic watch in nightclubs or leisure time anymore. They are still great of course. Business meetings, at your workplace, afterwork networking may be enjoyed much better with a Breitling, Tag Heuer or Citizen timepiece.