For the 2011 model year the VW Jetta was redesigned to appeal to a buyer in a less expensive price range. The main demographic they targeted was the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla buyer. The idea of a Jetta starting around $15,000 is very attractive, however bear in mind that everything from the interior to the suspension to body of the car has been economized to hit a certain price point. We had an opportunity to get our hands on a 2011 Jetta that had all ready done 28,750 miles(about 46,000km). One of the main concerns of the compact car buyer is the long term durability and reliability of their vehicle. Lets see how the latest incarnation of the Jetta stacks up after a thousand miles.

This SUV offers smooth cruising on the road no matter what the weather is due to the four-wheel drive. The 2012 Range Rover comes with cruising control for extra convenience and better handling. At the same time, the car can overcome literally any challenge on any rugged off-road terrain thanks to the technologically advanced suspension with Terrain Response. One impressive feature is the hill descent control with gradient release control.

If a used version is still out of your price range, then you might consider leasing one. Leasing can be a great option. The only time it might not be in your favor is if you plan on driving over ten thousand miles over the next three or four years or if you have children that make huge messes in your vehicles. Both of these might be drawbacks on leasing.

To begin the mechanical inspection, start the engine. The engine should respond quickly and start nearly immediately. Listen for any abnormal noise such as squealing, tapping, or grinding sounds. Turn the steering wheel side to side and feel the steering wheel for any binding, and excessive play. Get under the car and listen for any exhaust leaks which are usually associated with a ticking sound. Inspect the engine bay for any leaks now that the fluids are under pressure. Smell for any burning fluids. Any abnormal smells are usually readily apparent. Look for any smoke coming from the engine bay area. Smoke will also indicate a leaking fluid. Smell for gasoline, the presence of a strong gasoline odor will usually indicate a leaking fuel line.

Car seats get too cold in the winter. Though heaters are present, the seat remains cold. Car accessories include such sitzheizung which can be switched on at the press of a button. This makes even driving a great experience!

Maintaining payload and capacity, the new Dodge Ram truck is built on a new boxed frame, with multi-link coil spring suspension, and steel supports. Three engine choices include a 210hp six cylinder, 310hp 4.7L V8, and the envy of all Dodge Ram drivers, a 5.7L HEMI V8. Dodge claims even the HEMI is now more fuel efficient. I’m not sure anyone who drives a HEMI cares.

Many new toilet models have some fantastic features that will amaze you. If you haven’t shopped for a toilet in some time, you will be blown away by what some of the newer models can do. Some of them have self-cleaning features and other toilets come in special shapes or sizes to accommodate all types of people. Other fancy features include heated seats and automatic flushing.